Images by Donna U: Blog en-us (C) Images by Donna U (Images by Donna U) Sun, 03 May 2015 13:31:00 GMT Sun, 03 May 2015 13:31:00 GMT Images by Donna U: Blog 96 120 Business Portraits I had the pleasure of shooting a business portrait for the VP of Programming on Momentum's Board of Directors to be published on the organization's website. The link below is the article with the final choice portrait.


Below is another version of the portrait taken during our session. 


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Just Like Mommy I have been working for a while now on a couple of new photo projects and was able to complete one of my favorites today. I am now offering a photo session for young mothers and their 4 to 7 year old daughters called "Just Like Mommy". Here are a couple examples of my first shoot. This mother and daughter were a joy to work with and I am well pleased with the end results. Little Elena plans to wear her mother's dress when she gets married so it is even more special for them to have these photos. If you would like to create very precious memories to pass down for generations please contact me to book a session. 


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Unexpected views of my artwork Ever so often I will do a search online to see if any of my images are being posted without permission. It is something photographers have to do in the age of digital images and copyright infringement. I usually skim right through with no finds which is a good thing. Today I did find one of my images but it was not stolen. It was actually a photograph taken of one of my photographs that was on display at the Gadsden Museum of Art Photographers Exhibition in May of last year. The blogger used his photo of my artwork in his blog. I am thrilled to see my work is being viewed and discussed out there in the cyber world beyond my websites in a good way.



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Oil Canvas Portraits I have been quite busy lately honing a new skill to offer my artistic clients. I am in the process of offering digital images of clients original oil canvases to be used to create prints and other creative art items. 

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous 30x40 oil on canvas sea turtle created by Pam Willingham, a local artist who is based out of Shop Around the Corner in Cullman, Alabama She is selling 24x30 prints of the original oil that found an owner very quickly. 

I look forward to helping you create prints of your own art work. 



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Wet Plate Collodion Photography Old photographs have always interested me and I love that digital photography allows me to experiment with the different types of old camera processing. Wet Plate Collodion has drawn my interest for a long while now so I have been playing with some of my portraits to create my version. Here is a link to a an interview with Daniel Carrilo, a photographer that does great Collodion photography.

Below is one of my digital photos I processed to imitate the old photo look. 

Wet Plate Collodion Processing


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Honey Moon Last night was a Honey Moon. We had lots of clouds and I thought I wouldn't get a chance to see it. But fortunately I was up at midnight when the sky was brilliant and clear. The moon had become officially full fifty minutes earlier. I have to admit it was beautiful with its amber color. 



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Garrett Garrett was born on May 16th and I had the honor of shooting his newborn photos with his mom and dad. He is such an angel of a baby that just hung out and slept the majority of the session which made for some adorable photos. Thank you to Christian and Aaron for allowing me to capture your memories of the new addition to your sweet family. 


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Award Winning Photograph I entered some photographs in the Photographers Exhibition at the Gadsden Museum of Art and placed with one of them. I am thrilled with the award and the fact that my work hangs on the museum walls for all to see from May 12th to June 16th. 




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Distinguished Young Women of St. Clair County I have the great honor of being chosen as the photographer for the 2015 Distinguished Young Women of St. Clair County program. Distinguished Young Women is the oldest national scholarship program for high school girls.  Saturday morning I met them and took their photographs for the head shots that will be used in the Program's publications, website and newspaper articles. They were all a delight to work with. Thank you for allowing me to have a part in helping you realize your dreams. 


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James and Renea What a wonderful time I had this weekend working with our Pastor and his fiance on their engagement shoot. We traveled to the most beautiful campus in the world for background and spent the day enjoying each others company as well as getting great shots for their engagement. Thank you for allowing me to document this special time in your lives. 

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Wendy's Warriors I had the opportunity to participate in a modeling camp for a great cause this month. A local resident is battling cancer and the camp was created to help support her needs. I gained new friends in fellow photographers I met there as well as the awesome sweet ladies that were having their photos done and their families. I am so grateful I had this opportunity to help someone in need while providing portfolio needs for aspiring models. 

Please meet some of Wendy's Warriors. 

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Adriana This morning's session was with a delightful 12 year old named Adriana. She is a jewel to work with and lots of fun. Her smile is beautiful and so infectious. The day was gorgeous with blue skies and a light breeze that added to a most wonderful session. Thanks to her mother and grandmother for allowing me the honor of photographing Adriana. 

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One more model post Ashley was a pure joy to work with. 

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More on the Noccalula Falls Model shoot There were so many amazing models on this day. Please check out my website gallery under models to see them all. Here are Dorothy and Noah. I look forward to shooting with them again soon. 


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Model Shoot A day long model shoot at Noccalula Falls Park in Gadsden, Alabama was lots of work and loads of fun. Daleon was a superb subject and such a nice guy. 

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The Hurricanes All orders were received last week and sent to lab yesterday for the Team Sports packages. They should arrive here by Wednesday. I really enjoyed working with all the great kids on this team. I look forward to doing more sessions in Team Sports. Go Hurricanes!


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One more of the model shoot Here is Jasmine. She was a great sport during the shoot. This is the last blog post on the shoot but I will have many of the photos on the website soon. Until then you can visit my Facebook page  to see more. 


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More on the Model Session Another model that was a joy to work with. Check out Courtney Nicole's model page


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Model Session I had the opportunity to shoot several models today in a four hour long session. We had a great time and I left the event with many new friends. Thank you all for a fabulous time. Here are three examples from the session with Rachel Alane. 



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Rock a bye baby Welcome to the world Luke Adam Griffith. What a joy it was to have the honor of photographing him in his first official photo session. That first week of life is so sweet and precious. 

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